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You might not think of your living room as the ideal to tone and tighten, but a little creativity can go a long way for turning your home into a fitness studio. Whether you are already active or looking to get in shape for the first time, your home can actually be a great place to keep up with a healthy exercise routine. Let’s explore the many ways you can stay in shape right in the comfort of your own home or neighborhood.


These days, there are endless options on the internet for staying in shape at home. YouTube offers a variety of free workout videos, yoga sessions, training tips, and more. If you have limitations such as injuries or are just starting to get fit, simply search the internet for workout videos that match your needs. For instance, “Home workouts safe for knee injuries” or “Chair exercises for over 60’s.”


Getting in shape can be as simple as walking, running, or biking through your neighborhood. Try new routes, wander other neighborhoods nearby, or explore a new part of town on foot. The fresh air, sunshine, and wind on your face will also boost your mood and lift your spirits.


Cleaning, organizing, and rearranging your home can actually be quite the workout. Vacuuming and sweeping activates the arms and core muscles, reorganizing bookshelves can tone the arms, and simple tasks like washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, and making the bed all keep your body in motion.


Due to its simplicity and the small amount of space you’ll need to practice, yoga can be a great way to stay in shape at home or even in your yard. There are yoga exercises for every level of fitness. Try a Sun Salutation or this Chair Yoga Series.

Working out at home may not feel natural, but it only takes a little adjustment to get the hang of it. With exercise available at your doorstep, there’s no reason not to start or stick to your exercise regimen!


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