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This June, L.A. CADA continues to commemorate Pride Month with you. Did you know that 1.2 million Americans identify as Black and Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay Transgender, or Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ+)? This community is dispersed across  the U.S., and can be found everywhere that Black folks live. Unfortunately, many live at the intersection of race, sexual orientation, identity —  and discrimination.

According to a Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, about 80% of Black people – whether or not they’re LGBT – have experienced at least one discriminatory event that contributes to minority stress. Disproportionate racism, poverty, rates of arrest/incarceration, mental health disorders, and HIV rates are part of the Black experience in America. 

For Black people who are LGBTQ+, there are many additional challenges: 

  • LGBTQ+ youth are over-represented in foster care, making up between 20 and 30% of all cases, and most are youth of color

  • Two-thirds of incarcerated girls are a sexual minority; 80% are youth of color

  • 2 in 5 Black LGBTQ+ people have moved away from family as a result of discriminatory experiences

  • 25% of Black LGBTQ+ individuals report experiencing discrimination when interacting with law enforcement vs. 13% of white LGBTQ+ people

  • 78% of Black LGBTQ+ people report that discrimination has affected their ability to be hired to some degree vs. 55% white LGBTQ+ individuals

  • 53%  of Black LGBTQ+ individuals polled reported a household income of less than $40,000 a year vs. 41% of white LGBTQ respondents

With discrimination coming from all sides, Black LGBTQ+ people face large-scale economic disparities, as well as significant mental and physical health concerns.

Don’t suffer alone. LA. CADA is a safe, LGBTQ+ Affirming, BIPOC agency. If you know someone who wants support, call us at (562) 906-2676.

Watch: Black LGBTQ+ Pride


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