Best Start Region 4

An initiative of First 5 LA, Best Start is working to create the best possible community for young children and their families. Best Start brings together parents, community organizations, institutions, and others to improve policies and resources to better support parents and create a community where children and families can thrive. Best Start also provides skill-building and leadership training to help the group achieve its goals and ensure that children are safe, healthy, and ready to learn.

Best Start Region 4 includes the Port Cities of Central Long Beach and Wilmington The boundaries of these communities can be found here:

Ready To Rise for Liberty Hill Foundation

Ready to Rise is currently a $12.5 million public-private partnership between the California Community Foundation, Liberty Hill Foundation and the Los Angeles County Probation Department designed to expand opportunities and resources for programs that provide youth development and enrichment services focused on diversion and prevention versus ineffective punitive measures. Our goal is to build a system that replaces the traditional structures of punishment and incarceration with emerging best practices centered on healing, learning, and opportunity.

The Nonprofit Partnership is facilitating a Strategic Planning training program for Ready To Rise grantees.

Ready to Rise – California Community Foundation (

Best Start Region 4

The Nonprofit Partnership has supported the Long Beach Gives campaign since its inception. 

Long Beach Gives is our city’s annual day of online giving. The 24-hour online fundraiser provides an easy and fun way for our entire city to give together. It also provides Long Beach nonprofits the opportunity to gain exposure and start relationships with new donors.

Our goal is to inspire individuals and businesses in our community to come together to make a difference in the exemplary work of the 150+ local, participating nonprofits. The success of Long Beach Gives last year helped raise awareness about nonprofits and the critical role they play in our community. We surpassed our $1 million fundraising goal and raised over $1.7 million for the 150+ participating organizations.

Long Beach Gives is returning on Thursday, September 23, 2021 with a $2 million goal and 150+ participating nonprofits serving the city of Long Beach!





ECE CARES Funding/City of Long Beach

The City of Long Beach and The Nonprofit Partnership partnered to administer CARES funding for childcare providers. The funding was administered as grants for the purchases of supplies and for general relief for Long Beach center and home-based childcare providers. This funding was meant to support the backbone of our economy, our childcare industry, during the pandemic where many providers temporarily closed or minimized capacity due to the aftermaths of COVID-19. 

Our Stories, Our Time

TNP launched a new storytelling initiative in the spring of 2020, a few weeks after the Corona virus pandemic forced stay-at-home orders. We call this project Our Stories, Our Times (OSOT). TNP recognized the value of keeping nonprofit stories of resiliency and challenges out in the public eye.  We designed these interviews to be live, 30-minute segments that air on Facebook and later saved on YouTube for anyone to access at any time. 

We are particularly proud of the partnership with PAD-Net, operated under the Long Beach Community Action Partnership.  PAD-Net airs our interviews twice each week.  PADNET (Public Access Digital Network), a local public access TV station, allows TNP to significantly expand the viewership of OSOT interviews.  The series is broadcasted on Spectrum 32 and Frontier Communications 41 along with a live stream on the PADNET website. The broadcast is also available on Roku and Apple TV through the Cablecast Screenwave app. The airing time is on Tuesdays at 8am and Fridays at 6pm.

F5LA Rapid Response Technical Assistance (RRTA)

First 5 LA funded immediate support to organizations as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.  The Center for Nonprofit Management, in partnership with TNP, offered free, short-term capacity building assistance. The program ended in January 2021.

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