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Categories: Blog

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The holidays can be a mixed bag of emotions. Many take these times to reflect on happy memories. Unfortunately, the past isn’t a fond memory for everyone. When you are recovering from drug addiction, an abusive relationship, or a rough childhood, Thanksgiving may not seem like a time for thanks. However, there is plenty to be thankful for that you might be unaware of. Don’t let the past get the best of you this holiday season. Here are some reasons to be thankful.

You Came This Far

Holiday seasons aren’t just about looking at the past. They’re about being in the present and being excited about the future. The past is just one of three eras of your life. Therefore, it’s not even the majority. So, why are you letting it get the best of you?

You should be thankful for being here this Thanksgiving. All of the years leading up to this one were rough. Let’s face it; there were times you weren’t sure you’d make it to the holidays. So, be grateful you’re here. 

Be proud of what you have accomplished. Most of all, be excited about what the future holds. The bad times are in the past. Let them stay there.

Friends and Family

Many of us hurt people close to us along our path to recovery. They didn’t have to stay with us through thick and thin. Yet, they did. So, instead of being sorry for what you may have done in the past to these loved ones, show gratitude for them being here today. The best way to do this is to honor yourself. Stop kicking yourself and be present with loved ones.

If your loved ones aren’t around, this may be the time to mend fences. Holidays are a time of the year where everyone feels a little more kindness in their hearts. You never know. This might be the year that your friends and family find it in their hearts to forgive you for Thanksgivings past.

Your Health

It sounds cliche, but our health is important. Sure, we all have varying degrees of health. But hey, you’re reading this article right now! At the end of the day, we’re still on the right side of the grass. So, we should be thankful for that.

The best way to honor your health is to improve it. Show your thankfulness by taking care of yourself. Stay true to your sobriety. Go for a walk out in nature. Change up your diet so it’s healthier. Your health is your most cherished possession. Treat it kindly.



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