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Categories: Blog

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Addiction is a never-ending disease. Every time you think you’ve won, you have to prove yourself all over again. While most days sober are good, some may come as shockingly hard. That’s why you need to stick to your addiction treatment. Addiction treatment is the only way to get your demons in check. The cost of not attending addiction treatment is far too severe. Here are some of the things you can expect to lose.

Your Family 

When you choose to get help, it’s not a decision you made with just yourself in mind. Sure, you need to do this for you. However, doing it for you is the same as doing it for them. 


In the moments you are sober, you are present with your loved ones. Those are memories that they will carry with them forever. Every time you invest in yourself by attending addiction treatment, you are investing in their future memories.

Your Legal Issues

For many of us, our substance abuse issues landed us in rather hot water. After paying our penance, we are left on a long leash. Every once in awhile, some of us need to check in with a probation officer. As a person on probation, there’s a good chance that addiction treatment is court-ordered.


If you are ordered to go to meetings or attend rehab, please comply. Otherwise, you may end up violating your probation. This lapse in judgment may cost you more time with your family. It can also have a negative effect on the next cost of skipping addiction treatment. 

Your Money 

Many claim that going to rehab, finding transportation to meetings, and turning to food instead of abusing substances are all drains on their finances. However, those are just excuses to fall back on old habits. In reality, these new habits are saving you money in the long-run.


Life is about the big picture. Just as showing up for addiction treatment is an investment in your family’s future, it’s also an investment in your finances. On the surface level, you’re no longer spending money on something that is hurting your body and social circles. However, addiction treatment also helps you clear your head. 


Once you get through the issues that caused you to become an addict, you can focus on being a productive member of society. With that shift in priorities comes better opportunities. By attending addiction treatment, you can set yourself up to manifest your financial goals.



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