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Categories: Blog

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After years of abusing our bodies, it’s time to celebrate them. 2020 is a clean slate for a new year and a new decade. It’s also the year where you are going to finally start putting yourself first. Here are some ways to make your self-care New Year’s Resolution a reality.  


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Schedule Me-Time

Recovery is a full-time job. Then there are our paying jobs. Oh, and you also need to spend time with your loved ones to make up for the time lost before you got help. Suffice to say, self-care tends to take a backseat. Don’t let this happen in 2020.


Make sure you take time for yourself next year. Schedule it if you have to. Give yourself at least 15 minutes a day where you can unplug. Don’t get on your phone or browse your computer. Spend that time on you.


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Find a Hobby

Our recovery defines so much of who we are. You are more than just a person getting better. Before you got sick, you were a person who had interests and hobbies. Reconnect with that person by picking up old hobbies.


Sometimes we grow out of the things that we used to enjoy. That’s part of our evolution. If old hobbies don’t hold up in 2020, then find new ones. You entered recovery to find yourself. Choosing hobbies is a huge part of healing.


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Exercise More

If you’re going to sit around all day and do nothing, you’re not going to feel your best. Lying around the house isn’t self-care. It’s self-sabotage. 


Exercising is essential for so many benefits throughout our lives. Getting up and moving about makes us feel happier, improves our heart health, and keeps the extra weight off. That means you can enjoy an extra donut your next meeting without feeling too guilty!



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We’ve seen a lot in our lives. Some of these memories carry a heavy burden. That’s why you should take the time to clear your mind in 2020. Take up meditating.


It may sound crazy to sit around in silence. However, it’s possible…and it works. Just start with five minutes. Try to pay attention to your breathing. As you inhale and think, “inhale.” Exhale, and think, “exhale.” 


Your mind might wander, and that’s okay. Go back to thinking about breathing. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can add minutes to your meditation routine.


Also, YouTube guided meditations. These are great tools to help you ease into the practice. Plus, they’re excellent resources for people whose minds tend to wander. 


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Go to Meetings

We’re never done recovering. Recovery is key to self-care. So, make sure you stick with your program. 


2019 might have been a great year of progress. However, we’re not at the end destination. That’s because there isn’t one. We must always keep working to push forward. Going to meetings is an important piece of that puzzle.



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