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Categories: Blog

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When most people get injured, they could just open the medicine cabinet and take whatever they desire to make the pain go away. That luxury is no longer afforded to those of us who are recovering from opioid abuse. Just because you abused medications in the past doesn’t mean you have a lifetime prescription for pain. There are many things you can do to help ease the suffering you are enduring. Here are some natural ways to help deal with depression for a recovering opioid user.


While the pain we are experiencing may be injury related, other factors add up to us dealing with everyday aches and pains. These triggers include poor posture, long driving commutes, awkward sleeping positions, and tensing up from stress. One way to alleviate that amounting pressure? Roll out a  yoga mat.


Yoga is a low impact way to work through any pain. Go to a beginner’s class and be sure to let the instructor know of any anxiety you may be experiencing. Start slow and breathe through the pain. If you notice the pain intensifies, then stop immediately.

Get a Massage

Sometimes we need the human touch. Massage therapy is a great way to get tissue and blood cells moving. Any that have grown stagnant can become a breeding ground for inflammation and pain. Therefore, going to a trained professional to work out the kinks can go a long way in alleviating the pain.


Up the benefits even more by choosing a masseuse who uses essential oils in their practice. The volatile oils of plants, herbs, and fruits have scientifically shown to have a therapeutic effect on pain, inflammation, and mood. In your relaxed state, you might stop fixating on the pain. As a result, you may not perceive the pain to be as intense as you once did.

Try Acupuncture

A little more intense than a massage, acupuncture might be just what your body ordered. This ancient Chinese practice has been used for centuries. Specialists place needles at crucial nerve points. This practice opens up energy flows, allowing chi energy to come through and relieve some of the pain you may be experiencing.

Talk to Your Doctor

Depending on what is causing you pain, there may be some non-habit-forming remedies that your doctor can prescribe. For instance, SSRIs or anticonvulsants may be what your body needs to get through this trying time.


No matter what, always be upfront with your doctor about your recovery. Holding back on such pivotal information can render you with a prescription you don’t want. You can’t afford to take this step back in your journey.



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