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Armando is a 14-year-old high school student during the most significant time in human history. COVID-19 infections are at an all-time high with over 374 thousand cases and counting in LA County alone. There is no recess, no science labs, no face-to-face interaction with his classmates, no dances, no pep rallies, no sporting events, and the list goes on.

Every day he wakes up in a studio apartment that he shares with his mother, father and three siblings. The mornings are busy, his mother is taking care of his baby brother and sister, his father is getting ready for work, while his oldest sibling is taking extra-long in the bathroom today.

After he finally finishes his morning routine, he has just enough time to walk to the local McDonalds to access the internet and log in to his first online period. Armando doesn’t have Wi-Fi at home because his parents say money is tight right now. He does what he has to do to get decent grades but he has thoughts of dropping out all together because this is too much for him to handle.

The concept of school has morphed from a traditional classroom to a virtual one. Classes, homework assignments, and tests have to be done online, and having access to a computer and reliable internet is the only thing that can determine a student’s success.

The despairing reality for many of the youth involved in LA CADA’s Youth Program is that they do not have reasonable or reliable access to this essential amenity. Everyone’s situation is different, from busy households that don’t allow peace and quiet for studying, to others being low income and not having access to internet or a laptop.

We want to address this need by building a Youth Life Lab with desks, laptops, school supplies, Wi-Fi, and the luxury of privacy with a dedicated study area for the youth in our community.

We believe that all students should have a fair chance at a quality education and a better life.

With your support YOU can be a part of this potential life changing project of making the Youth Life Lab become a reality.

Can we can count on your support?

Contact Priscilla Rodriguez if you have any questions. email:

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