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Categories: Blog, Success Stories

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“Lost is an understatement of how I was feeling that day. I was broken, in more ways than one. LA CADA put me back together”.

Treatment participant Faafouina “how I lost my mind”. The nurse explained that people don’t really lose their minds, they just lose touch of reality. He suggested that the first step in recovery is to surround yourself with people you can trust. Chelsea says, “Hearing that, I immediately felt better. I felt there was hope. So, I took his advice – I went to Alice House in Whittier run by L.A. CADA”.

Now she says that words do no justice with her indescribable experience and journey in recovery with LA CADA. “I found myself eager to learn and surrounded by a team of people with a passion to heal.  Together, we made it happen!”

The treatment team at Alice’s House, a behavioral health recovery program for pregnant and parenting women in Whittier, introduced her to the steps needs to work toward recovery and healing. She says, “Even in the midst of my addiction when I was in denial right after being   pregnant and living the motel life, L.A. CADA supported me. Despite the countless reasons I gave for them to quit on me, Alice’s House staff never turned their backs on me. I want to say thank you for welcoming me with open arms when I finally made it through those front doors.”

L.A. CADA thanks you, Faafouina, for your strength and resilience in achieving journey.

Alice House,

I never thought I would become so connected to a physical place until I had the privilege of being a client there. I come from a family that laid the foundation of love but my addiction robbed me of that. Alice House helped me find the path back to my values learned and gave back my sense of belonging. I went from the streets/train tracks/motels to a surrogate family that gave me an appreciation for things that I previously took for granted such as a bed, food or even house chores.

Within a 90-day period I learned of boundaries, the significance of routine and most importantly, I learned how to practice honesty while surrendering the outcome.

Alice House, I miss and love you guys more than you know. My stay in your facility was my introduction to a better lifestyle.

Thank you for loving me until I learned to love myself.

Nuestra Casa,

I did not want to enter your facility and a huge part of that was because I was leaving Alice House – My comfort zone. Change is very daunting and I was scared! You did not let me leave and made the transition from residential smoother. My heartfelt thanks for your investment in me – I am now employed with LA CADA, in school and a better mother, for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you LA CADA, for everything.

Thank you for being that shoulder needed when my pain seemed unbearable. Thank you for instilling in me a new, healthier mindset.

Thank you for helping me find my way back to motherhood!

Thank you. Thank you! Thank you.

 -Fa’afouina Melanie Alesana (Fofo)


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