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Father’s Day is a tough time for a person who is recovering from a bad relationship with a person or a substance. The hold these entities had over you caused to you to cut yourself off from those who want to celebrate you this holiday season. While the rest of the world happily touts pictures of Father’s Days of the past, this is an opportunity to create new memories going forward. Do you want to be a better father, husband, and son this Father’s Day? Here are a few tips for creating stronger relationships for stronger Father’s Days in the future.

Stop Kicking Yourself

The days of damaging yourself should be over. Leave it in the past with the rest of your old life. Sure, the person of Father’s Day past did some things that you are currently not proud of. However, the person you are today is no longer doing those things.


If you haven’t made amends with those you love, now is a better time than ever. However, if you have, then it’s time you made amends with yourself. The people you have hurt the most have forgiven you. Continuing to hurt yourself will only continue to hurt them.

Celebrate with Your Family

Creating memories needs backdrops to make those moments happen. Want to be that father in the picture on social media shared with a status of pride? That’s not going to happen overnight. It might not even occur over the next five Father’s Days.


The strain created by decisions of the past doesn’t just go away. In some cases, it might not ever. However, you can spend every day for the rest of your life making little chips at that wall put up. It all starts with an olive branch, and there is no more significant olive branch than a holiday that the rest of the world is celebrating.


In the same breath, don’t expect all the pomp and circumstance. As a matter of fact, you might want to throw this shindig yourself. Just explain you want to spend time with them. Don’t say this is a “Father’s Day” celebration. Rather, say that you would like to have your loved ones over for dinner.


You might be surprised. They might just show up with a cake and presents, exhibiting an appreciation you never knew existed. The only way to know is to make an attempt.

Attend a Meeting

Father’s Day is going to be tough on sobriety. It might even be harder than Christmas and Thanksgiving. You are putting an exact title on a holiday.


“Father’s Day” In a “normal world” the holiday would be about how great you are. However, that’s not reality, and this, my friend, is a tough pill to swallow.


So, don’t fall into a rut. Go to a meeting. Seek out others who are going through the exact situation you are. Not only will you feel stronger, but you will feel better about the holiday. As a result, you will go through the season with your best foot forward. The best foot is the right step toward happy Father’s Days for years to come.



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