Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) Treatment

L.A. CADA offers both intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient (OP) treatment services for adults with substance use or co-occurring disorders, ages 18 and over, in English and in Spanish, from two locations: Santa Fe Springs and Downtown Los Angeles.   The level of care and length of treatment varies – dependent upon the unique needs and challenges of the client, the referral source, the funding source and the client’s progress in treatment. Clients are screened in accordance with the accepted ASAM Criteria, and assessments and intakes can be scheduled within 24 hours of contacting us.

L.A. CADA utilizes evidence based curriculum (Living in Balance, Seeking Safety, Breaking Barriers, Helping Men Recover, Helping Women Recover, Project Fatherhood and Staying Sober) in various psycho-educational group counseling sessions offered during the day and in evenings. Clients also receive individual counseling sessions, individualized treatment planning, including case management, and all services are coordinated with like-minded community health partners.

For more information, please call 562-906-2676 (Santa Fe Springs) or 213-626-6411 (Downtown Los Angeles).

Parenting Education

L.A. CADA offers Parenting Education classes, of various durations, including 12-weeks, and 52-week programs, in English and in Spanish, and is an approved provider by the County of Los Angeles Department of Probation and meets the requirements of the Department of Children and Family Services. Classes are offered at both its Santa Fe Springs and Downtown Los Angeles facilities.

Anger Management Counseling

L.A. CADA offers Anger Management classes, of various durations, in English and in Spanish. Classes are offered at both its Santa Fe Springs and Downtown Los Angeles facilities.

HIV / AIDS Prevention, Intervention & Testing Services

L.A. CADA offers HIV and AIDS prevention, intervention and testing services, free to the community, designed for individuals with high risk behaviors, to improve their health and prevent disease transmission.   Additionally, L.A. CADA offers a court approved HIV 101 Education class which includes information, education, and free HIV testing.

Domestic Violence Counseling

L.A. CADA offers Domestic Violence Counseling for both perpetrators and victims of intimate partner violence (domestic violence. L.A. CADA is authorized by the County of Los Angeles Department of Probation to offer the Court mandated 52-week program for batterers, at both the Santa Fe Springs (English and Spanish) and Downtown Los Angeles facilities (English only)